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New Sheeple Review & Contest

Iphonetech78’s iPhone app review site posted a review of Sheeple version 1.1! Daren is also holding a contest for 5 promo codes here. Thanks Daren!

Sheeple 1.1 Contest – Winners Announcement!

I really appreciate everyone that took part in this contest! I wish I could have rewarded everyone, but only three winners were chosen (at random). All of the entries submitted answered every question correctly! The winners of the Sheeple 1.1

Sheeple 1.1 Contest!

We announced a contest to celebrate the release of Sheeple version 1.1 tonight! You can find out more information here! There is also a Touch Arcade thread for the contest that can be found here.

Sheeple Episode 2: Hurry Up Already! (Now available on the App Store)

We just received the email from Apple that version 1.1 of Sheeple (aka Episode 2: Hurry Up Already!) is now “Ready for Sale”! There will be the usual delay as the application actually shows up in the App Store, but

Announcing Sheeple 1.1 – Coming Soon

Version 1.1 of Sheeple was announced in the Touch Arcade forum this evening. Please read the thread as it gives some information about version 1.2 that is currently in-development! Sheeple 1.1: “Hurry Up Already!”

Sheeple 1.1 Gameplay Video: Prodding Sheeple

Tonight a new gameplay video was created that demonstrats the Sheeple prodding feature that is new in version 1.1 (still in the review process).

Sheeple Gameplay Video

We created a gameplay video of Sheeple in action after receiving many requests!

Ultimate Puzzle Game Discussion Thread

Sheeple was selected to be added to a Touch Arcade forum thread titled “Ultimate Puzzle Game Discussion Thread“! The feedback we have been receiving is great and is going to really help Sheeple become an incredible game. I am very

First Sheeple Review!

We’ve been getting some great feedback from a thread on the Touch Arcade forums! There was a review written by a TA Senior Member, who’s screenname is Ravenblack. I want to thank Ravenblack, Squeaker, and New England Gamer for their