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Ultimate Puzzle Game Discussion Thread

Sheeple was selected to be added to a Touch Arcade forum thread titled “Ultimate Puzzle Game Discussion Thread“! The feedback we have been receiving is great and is going to really help Sheeple become an incredible game. I am very

First Sheeple Review!

We’ve been getting some great feedback from a thread on the Touch Arcade forums! There was a review written by a TA Senior Member, who’s screenname is Ravenblack. I want to thank Ravenblack, Squeaker, and New England Gamer for their

Sheeple Episode 2: Hurry Up Already! (Submitted to Apple)

The next episode of Sheeple has been submitted to Apple! Here are the details of the new update! Episode 2: Hurry Up Already! In this episode you are given the ability to prod the Sheeple! Prod the Sheeple to change

Sheeple Episode 1: Meet the Sheeple (Now Available!)

Tomato Factory’s first game, Sheeple, is now available on the App Store for only $0.99 (USD)! We are excited to have you play Sheeple and hear what you think! Episode 2 was submitted this morning and we will use your

Sheeple 1.0 Approved!

After waiting for 15 long days, Sheeple has been approved by Apple the first time through! Sheeple will be available on the App Store beginning this Friday, 9/18! The next update has already been completed and will be submitted to Apple on

Sheeple 1.0 Submitted to the Apple App Store!

Tomato Factory’s first game was submitted to Apple this morning! Now we will wait to see how the approval process goes and hope that the game makes it through the process the first time! For now, you can check the