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Sheeple –

Sheeple is today’s free application on! Sheeple is currently ranked #90 out of all of the free applications in the App Store and keeps climbing. Please help us get it into the top 50 by pass around the word

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Massive Sheeple Update Now Available

The latest update for Sheeple has been released and you can see screenshots and more info here! – All new graphics! – All new scoring system! – New Episode 2 level pack (new gameplay elements) – In App Purchases –

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Sheeple HD Update – Coming Soon

We haven’t forgotten about Sheeple HD and really appreciate everyone that has purchased it so far! If you missed the news we just submitted a new massive update to the iPhone version of Sheeple, and guess what? Well, we are

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Massive Sheeple Update

We have been keeping things quite the past few weeks, but we have just finished and submitted a massive update to Sheeple for the iPhone/iPod touch! This update includes all new graphics, a new level pack called “Episode 2”, in

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iPad Launch – Indie Developers Fail

Apple did a great job convincing developers that they needed to create applications and submit them in time for the iPad App Store grand opening.  The indie developers that did create new applications or port their existing applications to the

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Sheeple HD – Ready And Waiting!

Sheeple HD is now available on the App Store here and just needs your iPad! Please spread the word and let us know what you think of the new levels and scoring system!

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Sheeple HD for the iPad

We are proud to announce Sheeple HD for the iPad! Sheeple HD contains all new levels, much larger puzzles, updated menus, and a vastly improved scoring system. Please give it a try when you fire up your new iPad on

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Secret Project

We are close to releasing the details on the project that we have in development currently! This is an exciting project and we will start to leak some information very soon. Along with this new project, we will also be

Sheeple Releases

This has been a busy week for us, but Sheeple 1.4 and Sheeple Lite have both been approved and are available now! Please RT and spread the word. Sheeple 1.4 Sheeple Lite Sheeple Lite includes 10 select levels, but does

Sheeple 1.4 & Sheeple Lite

We have submitted both an upgrade for Sheeple, which includes OpenFeint 2.4.2 and also a brand new Lite version of Sheeple! The lite version has 10 select levels from the full game, but does not include OpenFeint integration. Both should