Sheeple HD for the iPad

We are proud to announce Sheeple HD for the iPad! Sheeple HD contains all new levels, much larger puzzles, updated menus, and a vastly improved scoring system. Please give it a try when you fire up your new iPad on Saturday and be one of the first to play this awesome game.

Also, this is not our top secret project, so stay tuned!

Sheeple Releases

This has been a busy week for us, but Sheeple 1.4 and Sheeple Lite have both been approved and are available now! Please RT and spread the word.

Sheeple 1.4
Sheeple Lite

Sheeple Lite includes 10 select levels, but does not include stats. If you like the 10 levels in the Lite version, then you will love the full game that comes with 100 levels, leaderboards, achievements, and friend challenges!

We also started up development on Sheeple 2. There are some very exciting new features and wait until you see what we have come up with for level packs! 😉

Sheeple 1.4 & Sheeple Lite

We have submitted both an upgrade for Sheeple, which includes OpenFeint 2.4.2 and also a brand new Lite version of Sheeple! The lite version has 10 select levels from the full game, but does not include OpenFeint integration. Both should be released any day now! Please stay tuned and we should also have more news about our next title in the next week or two.

If you have any suggestions that you think would make Sheeple better, please let us know!

Sheeple Episode 4 (Submitted)

Thanks for everyone that downloaded Sheeple over the weekend! We had more downloads that we were ever expecting.

We had put episode 4 on hold to allow enough time for everyone to have a chance to take a look at episode 3, but now episode 4 has been submitted to Apple. I’m told that things are going to get very busy with a lot of holiday related submissions, but this version should be out in plenty of time.

We will be running a sale on Thanksgiving day, so check back for more information.

Sheeple – Free (Limited Time)

We want to get the word out about Sheeple, so for a limited time we are reducing the price from $1.99 to $0.00 (FREE)! I’m not sure how long this will last, but get it while you can! Please tell everyone you know and leave us a review in iTunes!

iTunes Link:

If you like games like Boxed In, then you will love Sheeple!

Sheeple Follower

We want to spread the word about our great new game Sheeple. This game is truly a hidden gem in the App Store! I believe this game is one of the best puzzle games in the store, so I’ll put my money where my mouth is and give you a challenge!

We want 400 Twitter followers ASAP and then we will run a VERY special promotion for a single weekend (read: price will be reduced from $1.99 to $0.00 for 1 weekend). So what are you waiting for?! This is your chance to get an awesome game that is currently $1.99 for FREE! Follow us and have your friends follow us!

You can find out more about Sheeple here (screenshots and video):

Also, if you already own Sheeple then don’t miss the other contest that we are currently holding here.

Updated bridge level

Sheeple Episode 4 (Submitted & On Hold)

We finished play testing Episode 4 of Sheeple last and submitted it to Apple on 11/12! I have put it on hold in the Apple review queue until the 33 iPhone app review sites that we submitted Sheeple Episode 3 to have had a chance to use the promo codes we sent them to review the game. I’m not sure why Apple puts such a constraint on promo codes, but I guess we have to hold on to this release for another week or so before pushing it through. The previous updates to Sheeple have been taking about 10 days each. The new release features 20 new levels!

Sheeple Episode 3: Holy Sheeple! Contest

Sheeple Episode 3 is finally out and here are the details on the new contest. Here is the TA thread with details on the new version. If you don’t already have the game then you can get it here.

The top three high scores that are posted on the OpenFeint Sheeple “High Score” leaderboard will win a Sheeple T-Shirt.

1. Contest will run until 11/27 (midnight).
2. The top three players to score the highest scores win. In the case where there are any ties, the winners will be randomly drawn from those matching high scores.

To enter send us an email using the Support page on this site and include your OpenFeint username.

PS – If anyone wants to send me any Sheeple challenges, my OpenFeint username is vhariable.