Secret Project

We are close to releasing the details on the project that we have in development currently! This is an exciting project and we will start to leak some information very soon. Along with this new project, we will also be offering a new developer service, so a lot of developments in TF world!

Also, I am wanting some feedback to see if users want another update for Sheeple?! I am thinking a new level pack with some new gameplay elements. Let me hear what you think!

I want to send a shout out to Jedidiah Laudenslayer who added Sheeple to the “More Games” section in Artifice and ABC123. ABC123 is scheduled to be the OpenFeint free game of the day on March 24 ( Artifice is scheduled to be the free app of the day on on April 6th. We appreciate Jed including Sheeple in his list of more games!

I also started up another website last month that is dedicated to indie iPhone game developers: There will be a different indie interview every day this week and they are worth reading.

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