Sheeple Episode 2: Hurry Up Already! (Now available on the App Store)

We just received the email from Apple that version 1.1 of Sheeple (aka Episode 2: Hurry Up Already!) is now “Ready for Sale”! There will be the usual delay as the application actually shows up in the App Store, but the update is here!

In this episode you are given the ability to prod the Sheeple! Prod the Sheeple to change the direction they are walking. You can also hurry the Sheeple along by nudging them in the direction they are already walking! There are 10 new levels that are very challenging and a new achievement for completing all 70 levels!

We will kick off a contest in the next few days, so check back for details! The approval came much faster than we were expecting (10 days is amazing). Version 1.2 is deep in the development cycle and is taking a bit longer than I had originally hoped. This upcoming version is really 2-3 upgrades all packed into one so it will be worth the wait!

You can read more about the update on this Touch Arcade thread.

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