Sheeple Free & Sheeple HD Free Released

Sheeple Free and Sheeple HD Free were both released today! If you haven’t had a chance to try out Sheeple then this is a great opportunity to try out both. These are essentially two different games with the same core gameplay. Sheeple Free is for the iPhone/iPod touch and has smaller levels, but a lot of fun and challenging puzzles to solve. Sheeple HD Free has levels designed specifically for the iPad and they are huge with unique puzzles just for this version of the game.

We will be spilling more information, but the design phase has finished up on our next game and the artwork is now being created. This upcoming game is going to be a fun arcade/puzzle game. More to come!

App Store Link: Sheeple, $0.99
App Store Link: Sheeple Free, FREE

App Store Link: Sheeple HD, $1.99
App Store Link: Sheeple HD, FREE