Sheeple & Sheeple HD Updates Now Available

Long overdue updates to Sheeple (1.6.5) and Sheeple HD (1.2) were released in the AppStore yesterday along with the release of iOS 6! Both apps have been significantly updated to be much more stable and the level selection screen is no rock solid! The updates both include brand new levels, music, the timer does not end the level now, and fixes for all known bugs. Sheeple HD now has twice as many levels as it did previously! Grab the updates and if you don’t already have either game please go check them out. We also have all new free/lite versions of Sheeple and Sheeple HD in the Apple review queue that should be released within the next week.

App Store Link: Sheeple, $0.99

App Store Link: Sheeple HD, $1.99