Month: November 2009

Sheeple Episode 4 (Submitted)

Thanks for everyone that downloaded Sheeple over the weekend! We had more downloads that we were ever expecting. We had put episode 4 on hold to allow enough time for everyone to have a chance to take a look at

Sheeple – Free (Limited Time)

We want to get the word out about Sheeple, so for a limited time we are reducing the price from $1.99 to $0.00 (FREE)! I’m not sure how long this will last, but get it while you can! Please tell

Sheeple Follower

We want to spread the word about our great new game Sheeple. This game is truly a hidden gem in the App Store! I believe this game is one of the best puzzle games in the store, so I’ll put

Sheeple Episode 4 (Submitted & On Hold)

We finished play testing Episode 4 of Sheeple last and submitted it to Apple on 11/12! I have put it on hold in the Apple review queue until the 33 iPhone app review sites that we submitted Sheeple Episode 3

Sheeple Episode 3: Holy Sheeple! Contest

Sheeple Episode 3 is finally out and here are the details on the new contest. Here is the TA thread with details on the new version. If you don’t already have the game then you can get it here. The

Sheeple Episode 3: Holy Sheeple! (Now available on the App Store)

Sheeple episode 3 (v1.2) is now “Ready for Sale”! There will be the usual delay as the application actually shows up in the App Store, but the update is here. See this post here for the full details about this

Announcing Sheeple Episode 3: Holy Sheeple! (v1.2 Submitted 11/2)

Episode 3 of Sheeple has been submitted to Apple this evening. The new title “Holy Sheeple!” refers to all of the changes in this new version. The community has spoken and we have addressed all of the feedback from the