Amazing Escape: Now Available Mac App Store

Amazing Escape is now available on the Mac App Store! This isn’t just a direct port, as the mobile version was in portrait and the desktop version is in landscape. I wasn’t sure how it would play on the desktop, but it is by far the best platform as the controls work great for this type of a game! The levels all feel different as they were rotated and flipped, so they literally feel like completely new levels! Now that I am finally done with the ports, I will be working on a new level pack for an update to be released shortly! Please go check it out and share the news with your friends.

Amazing Escape Mac App Store

Please follow us on Twitter @TomatoFactory. Have a fun game in the works for the October #1GAM and Ludum Dare. Will start sharing info on Twitter in the next week or so!

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Mac App Store Link: Amazing Escape

Amazing Escape Now On Google Play

Amazing Escape has finally finished being ported over to Unity and is now available on the Google Play app store! This is the same great game, HD graphics, universal device support, and completely free. We will be releasing an update to both the iOS and Android versions shortly with new levels and possibly a new location also. Please go check it out and share the news with your friends.

Also, stay tuned for information on our next game that we are planning on releasing in September on both the App Store and Google Play stores simultaneously. Follow us on Twitter @TomatoFactory.

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Google Play Link: Amazing Escape, FREE

Amazing Escape Released

Amazing Escape Main MenuWe are really excited to announce our new game Amazing Escape has been released on the App Store and is available now! Amazing Escape is a fun arcade/puzzle game that is similar to Pac-Man with some additional fun and challenging puzzle type elements.

Your goal in Amazing Escape is to help a mouse named Mousy and his friends collect all of the cheese before being caught by the cats! There is currently one location, a science lab, with two additional locations that will come in the future if there continues to be interest in Amazing Escape. There are really cool power-ups that you can use to help in your battle against the cats. You can use the cheese that you collect to unlock additional power-ups or two different characters. Amazing Escape is free to play and is a universal app that with retina graphics. What are you waiting for? Click on the icon below to download Amazing Escape! Please let us know what you think!

Amazing Escape Icon
App Store Link: Amazing Escape, FREE