Emoji Factory Update (Previously Emoji Builder)

Yesterday we released a new update to our Emoji Builder app! Emoji Builder has been renamed to Emoji Factory to better fit into our growing suite of “Factory” apps. Along with the rename comes a completely new icon and below I will share my findings of using this icon on a Facebook ad campaign alongside the previous icon. We also added iOS 6 and iPhone 5 display support to this new version of the app. The app now has a completely new look and feel that we think everyone will like. Please give it a try and let your friends know. You can grab it here!

Now that the shameless marketing plug is finished I will share the results of the second comparison ad campaign that I ran on Facebook using the previous published icon and the new one you see in this post above. I ran the campaign all day on a Thursday and Friday as I had with the original test and targeted the same audience. The results were pretty obvious!¬†Within several hours the new icon’s ad had generated 7x the clicks as the old icon did. Now that the icon is released with the updated application it will be interesting to see how this affects downloads within the App Store. I would advise anyone wanting to use Facebook as a test market for icons to use several icons that have differences that are not so subtle, as subtle differences made little difference in my testing.