Sheeple Episode 3: Holy Sheeple! (Now available on the App Store)

Sheeple episode 3 (v1.2) is now “Ready for Sale”! There will be the usual delay as the application actually shows up in the App Store, but the update is here. See this post here for the full details about this release.

We will start a contest in the next few days celebrating this new release and will be submitting the next update tomorrow (well….later today I guess)! I will post the normal Touch Arcade announcement tomorrow once iTunes is showing the new description, images, and price.

Update: Here is the Touch Arcade thread related to this new version.

Announcing Sheeple Episode 3: Holy Sheeple! (v1.2 Submitted 11/2)

Episode 3 of Sheeple has been submitted to Apple this evening. The new title “Holy Sheeple!” refers to all of the changes in this new version. The community has spoken and we have addressed all of the feedback from the Sheeple community. This is your opportunity to join in on all of the fun if you do not already have Sheeple!

Get it now for $0.99 (50% off until the release of episode 3 – version 1.2)!

– 10 new levels (now a total of 80 levels!)
– Crate sliding sensitivity drastically improved
– Faster crate sliding
– Timer changed to count up and background added to make more visible
– New level and game scoring system (gold, silver, and bronze level medals)
– In-game tutorial
– Background music
– New sound setting menu to turn music and/or sound effects on/off
– Crate sliding sound effect (grass and bridge)
– Upgraded to OpenFeint 2.2
– Leaderboards
– Friend Challenges
– Many new achievements
– Ability to undo bridge placements
– Unselect a tool
– Updated some of the existing levels to be better balanced
– New main menu Play and Levels menu options
– Drastically updated and improved level selection screen
– Help screen page numbers
– Updated start help screen explanation includes all star types
– New credits help screen
– New loading image
– Bug fixes

Coming in future episodes:
– Next Up: 20 new levels (total of 100 levels!)
– Holiday level pack
– More achievements
iTunes link ($0.99 – limited until episode 3 is released):
Game website:

Gameplay Video:



Sheeple 1.1 Contest – Winners Announcement!

I really appreciate everyone that took part in this contest! I wish I could have rewarded everyone, but only three winners were chosen (at random). All of the entries submitted answered every question correctly!

The winners of the Sheeple 1.1 contest are:

1. Yutaka
2. Daren
3. Zincous

Winners: Please check the email address that you used when submitting your entry for your prize!

Sheeple Episode 2: Hurry Up Already! (Now available on the App Store)

We just received the email from Apple that version 1.1 of Sheeple (aka Episode 2: Hurry Up Already!) is now “Ready for Sale”! There will be the usual delay as the application actually shows up in the App Store, but the update is here!

In this episode you are given the ability to prod the Sheeple! Prod the Sheeple to change the direction they are walking. You can also hurry the Sheeple along by nudging them in the direction they are already walking! There are 10 new levels that are very challenging and a new achievement for completing all 70 levels!

We will kick off a contest in the next few days, so check back for details! The approval came much faster than we were expecting (10 days is amazing). Version 1.2 is deep in the development cycle and is taking a bit longer than I had originally hoped. This upcoming version is really 2-3 upgrades all packed into one so it will be worth the wait!

You can read more about the update on this Touch Arcade thread.