Sheeple Free & Sheeple HD Free Released

Sheeple Free and Sheeple HD Free were both released today! If you haven’t had a chance to try out Sheeple then this is a great opportunity to try out both. These are essentially two different games with the same core gameplay. Sheeple Free is for the iPhone/iPod touch and has smaller levels, but a lot of fun and challenging puzzles to solve. Sheeple HD Free has levels designed specifically for the iPad and they are huge with unique puzzles just for this version of the game.

We will be spilling more information, but the design phase has finished up on our next game and the artwork is now being created. This upcoming game is going to be a fun arcade/puzzle game. More to come!

App Store Link: Sheeple, $0.99
App Store Link: Sheeple Free, FREE

App Store Link: Sheeple HD, $1.99
App Store Link: Sheeple HD, FREE

Sheeple & Sheeple HD Updates Now Available

Long overdue updates to Sheeple (1.6.5) and Sheeple HD (1.2) were released in the AppStore yesterday along with the release of iOS 6! Both apps have been significantly updated to be much more stable and the level selection screen is no rock solid! The updates both include brand new levels, music, the timer does not end the level now, and fixes for all known bugs. Sheeple HD now has twice as many levels as it did previously! Grab the updates and if you don’t already have either game please go check them out. We also have all new free/lite versions of Sheeple and Sheeple HD in the Apple review queue that should be released within the next week.

App Store Link: Sheeple, $0.99

App Store Link: Sheeple HD, $1.99

Sheeple Updates Now Available

The newest Sheeple (iPhone) and Sheeple HD (iPad) updates were both approved and released today. We are especially excited about the new Sheeple HD update as it was much needed and is a lot of fun to play. If you haven’t already tried out either game then please do! Sheeple | Sheeple HD

We will have more information about our new title that is currently in development over the next few weeks. There is a lot going on at the Tomato Factory development HQ.

Sheeple –

Sheeple is today’s free application on! Sheeple is currently ranked #90 out of all of the free applications in the App Store and keeps climbing. Please help us get it into the top 50 by pass around the word and have everyone you know download Sheeple! There is also a great new level pack called “Episode 2” for anyone that already own Sheeple and want a new challenge. We are planning on adding a bunch of new levels to Episode 2 shortly.

Also, version 1.5.1 of Sheeple has been “In Review” since Monday and should be approved today or tomorrow. This update includes a bug fix for the level selection screen when using the game in left landscape orientation (home button on the left) and also fixes an issue with the level selection screen causing a crash on the iPad.

Massive Sheeple Update Now Available

The latest update for Sheeple has been released and you can see screenshots and more info here!

– All new graphics!
– All new scoring system!
– New Episode 2 level pack (new gameplay elements)
– In App Purchases
– Support left & right landscape orientation
– Upgraded to OpenFeint 2.4.5
– Bug fixes
– Sheeple 1.5 requires iPhone OS 3.x+

Sheeple HD Update – Coming Soon

We haven’t forgotten about Sheeple HD and really appreciate everyone that has purchased it so far! If you missed the news we just submitted a new massive update to the iPhone version of Sheeple, and guess what? Well, we are planning on a similar update for Sheeple HD!

* All new graphics
* New levels
* Bug fixes

The iPad is such a great platform for Sheeple, since the increased screen resolution allows for some really challenging puzzles. We will be releasing some new levels for Sheeple HD with this upcoming update and they will be really difficult, so get ready!

Massive Sheeple Update

We have been keeping things quite the past few weeks, but we have just finished and submitted a massive update to Sheeple for the iPhone/iPod touch! This update includes all new graphics, a new level pack called “Episode 2”, in app purchases, an all new scoring system, and lots more.

Every single screen has been redesigned and we think that you will love the new graphics and also the changes to the core gameplay. The new scoring system is much easier to understand, while continuing to offer a lot of replay value.

Episode 2 is an in app purchase that includes 20 new levels with a new gamplay twist, different colored Sheeple and stars! This new gameplay mode is actually a ton of fun and really challenges you. We will be adding more levels to episode 2 shortly! The update does requires iPhone OS 3.0 as a minimum OS requirement now that we offer in app purchases. We expect to have this new version approved in the next week, so stay tuned. Here are a few screen shots to get things started.

(Updated Main Menu)

(Episode 2)